Tool to generate NAN_ECC_SOFT OOB data?

Daniel Hobi daniel.hobi at
Tue Mar 8 09:41:17 EST 2011

Hi list,

what is the preferred way to generate ECC data during manufacturing when
using software ECC (NAND_ECC_SOFT)?

Reading "Can I program NAND via JTAG?" on, I assume some JTAG
tools are capable of generating ECC data during programming. However, I
would prefer to generate the ECC data beforehand and use a "raw"
programming mode (still skipping bad blocks). Ideally the OOB/ECC layout
is defined only once for both the MTD NAND driver and a userspace tool
to generate image files containing OOB data.

mtd-utils.git once contained such a tool called bin2nand which was
removed with commit 94a20240 (ubi-utils: remove old ubi-utils) on
2010-09-28. Does anyone know a replacement tool?

@Frank: a long time ago (2008-02-18), you tried to move bin2nand to the
top-level directory. Do you still use such a tool?

Best regards,

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