mkfs.jffs2 min erase block size: 4 vs 8 KiB

Mike Frysinger vapier.adi at
Wed Jun 22 01:02:52 EDT 2011

the current mkfs.jffs2 util has in its --eraseblock handling:
/* If it's less than 8KiB, they're not allowed */
if (erase_block_size < 0x2000) {
    fprintf(stderr, "Erase size 0x%x too small. Increasing to 8KiB minimum\n",
    erase_block_size = 0x2000;

but i cant seem to find documentation on where this comes from.  it's
not uncommon to have SPI flashes with 4KiB erase sectors, and removing
this sanity check and allowing 4 KiB seems to produce an image that
works OK.

am i missing something ?  or should i send a patch to drop this check ?

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