mxc_nand support on i.MX51

Tiago Maluta tiago.maluta at
Tue Feb 22 09:06:05 EST 2011


I'm having issues when trying to flash my i.MX51 board with nandwrite
[1]. This topic was previously discussed on u-boot maillist [2] and it
seems that NFC version needed by i.MX51 processor isn't supported yet.
Looking at the code [3] it seems that is already ported [4] but
Freescale code (2.6.35) [5] differs from mainline (mxc_nand.c)
although copyright seems to be more recent. I'm Cc Sascha since he is
driver creator and I'd like to ask if somebody in the list have
problems to flash NAND on i.MX51 boards? By now I can note [6] that
the _same_ u-boot.bin flashed by Freescale proprietary tool (ATK) is
different [purposely changes some bytes from original .bin file] from
flashing by "nandwrite" or even "dd" [7].

[1] nandwrite -p /dev/mtd0 u-boot.bin
[4] 44: #define nfc_is_v3_2()           cpu_is_mx51()
(link Linux 2.6.35 Source Code Files 2010.11 for i.MX51. Engineering
[6] comparing using u-boot "nand dump 0"



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