Numonyx NOR and chip->mutex bug?

Joakim Tjernlund joakim.tjernlund at
Fri Feb 4 05:47:19 EST 2011

Stefan Bigler <stefan.bigler at> wrote on 2011/02/04 00:18:44:
> Hi
> Now I have a patch that fix my problem. I did not yet do a lot of tests
> and I did
> not yet analyzed correctness in all cases.
> I check in the inval_cache_and_wait_for_operation() of the status is
> status_OK
> the if the chip->state and the chip_state (the current chip state and
> the chip state
> when the function is called) are equal or not. If equal break and exit
> (set the
> chip->state= FL_STATUS) and if not equal add the thread in the wait queue.
> I think we are not finished when not equal so we have do not have to
> take the mutex.
> Now why this code worked with the older Flash chips. I don't know, but
> eventually
> they are slower after the write buffer command 0xe8 and they are still
> busy when
> inval_cache_and_wait_for_operation() checks if status_OK.
> Tomorrow I'll check if this is the case. Now I do not have access to the HW.
> Regards Stefan

I havn't looked into this but I think I would rather see something like:
-        if (map_word_andequal(map, status, status_OK, status_OK))
+        if (map_word_andequal(map, status, status_OK, status_OK) &&
+           (chip->state == chip_state))

Does this work for you too?


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