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Mon Aug 8 05:19:16 EDT 2011

Hi Wolfram,

Thanks for taking the initiative to summarize the current status.
Also thanks to Huang Shijie for all the work done so far.

On Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 8:21 AM, Huang Shijie <b32955 at> wrote:
> Hi Wolfram:
>> Hi,
>> I am a bit uncertain how the state of the GPMI-NAND driver currently is,
>> so
>> I'll try to sum it up here. There is without doubt interest in getting the
>> driver into mainline from at least Huang, Shawn, Lothar, Koen and me, so I
>> wonder if we can join forces more effectively. First of all, I want to
>> thank
>> Huang Shijie for all his work so far which was already quite some effort;
>> this
>> sum-up is by no means meant as bashing, just trying to understand the
>> status
>> quo (Sidenote: I am more or less on holiday until Monday, so no time for
>> real
>> debugging myself. I write this mail so we hopefully gain a common
>> understanding. When I am back to full strength, I can then start working
>> on
>> what seems apropriate)
>> Issues with the current driver I am aware of:
>> DMA timeouts [1]
>> ================
>> [    2.560000] [ start_dma_without_bch_irq : 392 ] DMA timeout, last DMA
>> :1
>> [    3.560000] [ start_dma_with_bch_irq : 427 ] bch timeout!!!
>> Always reproducible by me when trying to format mtd0. Sometimes(always?)
>> seen
>> by Koen during boot (on read?). Never seen by Huang? It is currently
>> unclear if
> After I used a different .config, it never appears in my side.

flash_eraseall of mtd1 works for me.
ubi_format of mtd1 always gives the dma timeout
reading/writing of mtd0/1 always gives the dma timeout
I have seen dma timeout during boot if i try to enable ubi rootfs (so
that's the same issue as dma time during read/write).

I don't use mtd0 for testing as this contains my uboot.

I tested using Huang's .config and the Linaro git but still see
exactly the same issue.

>> the bug is in the GPMI driver, or in the MXS-DMA driver. Still, I'd say
>> the
>> issue is a show-stopper. We can't put a driver into mainline which leads
>> to the
>> above failure. The fact that there is _some_ configuration which works for
>> someone does not help, it doesn't work for Koen and me at least. We need

On my target, the mxs-dma is working for sdio until the gpmi-nand
gives a timeout. After that the dma for sdio is *not fully* working

> Hi Koen, do you test my uImage?
> Does the timeout occur?

I was not able to test you uImage. It ended with a "Kernel panic - not
syncing: read error". See (off list) mail from last week.

>> reliable drivers in mainline, so the issue needs to be resolved,
>> regardless
>> where the bug resides.
> ok. I will debug it too.
> Please test the driver again when you back to office.
> Pay attention to your version of /arch/arm/configs/mxs_defconfig.
> Your mxs_defconfig may miss Shawn Guo's patches.
> thanks.
>> problem overwriting all-0xff data in NAND [2]
>> =============================================
>> Although it occured only when writing JFFS2 images so far, this is a
>> generic
>> issue and needs to be fixed, right?
> Artem said it should not change the driver, but the upper layer(jffs2).
> So I think i do not need to change the driver.
>> ecclayout needs to be used to show that OOB is fully in use [1]
>> ===============================================================
>> Needed to make it work for JFFS2 and to pass the mtd-testsuite. A driver
>> only
>> working with UBIFS is surely not ready for mainline.
> I programmed for mx6q in the recent days. I have no time to fix it. The mx6q
> can runs well now.
> So I will fix the issue in the following days.
>> Pecularities
>> ============
>> There are a few issues which are odd. I don't know if some are mainly
>> intended
>> for debugging, yet they shouldn't be in a mainline driver. At least:
>> * custom sysfs-entries
> My sysfs-entries is in the GPMI-NAND directory.
> Does be a mainline driver means I should not have any sysfs-entries?
> If it does, i can remove it.
>> * custom kernel command line parameters
> The kernel command line 'gpmi_nand' is to avoid the conflict with other
> modules such as
> SD.
> If it's be removed, I have to use different config to resolve the issue
> which is not better either. :(
>> * namespacing (some functions have no prefix, some have "mil_", some have
>> mx23)
>>   (I think 'mil' means 'mtd interface layer', but why is that needed?)
> The mil is used to make the gpmi_nand_data{} simple.
> Without it, the gpmi_nand_data{} will very big.
> The functions which have mx23 prefix are only used in mx23.
> The functions which have no prefix can used in both mx28 and mx23.
>> Complexity
>> ==========
>> The driver is not easy to review. I wonder if it makes sense to use
>> incremental
>> patches for it? maybe making it a staging driver could be a solution for
>> that?
> Frankly speaking, the current driver is maybe the smallest version now.
> I even do not add the on-chip BBT feature now.
>> Huang, are you interested in accepting patches or do you prefer we just
>> point
>> at certain code and you then fix it? Starting with a simpler driver and
>> then
> Feel free to mail me the patch. it's welcome.
>> adding stuff might be another option if we can't chase all the bugs in the
>> current driver.
>> That being said, I'd think fixing the DMA issue has prio #1 and maybe we
>> can
>> meet in IRC or something to work that out? Is there interest in that?
> What about gtalk?

Anything is good for me.
Could also be useful to make sure we test on the same HW as much as
possible and are using the same source tree.
HW I have:
- mx23evk rev C1
- mx23evk rev B2
- own target hw using mx23 lqfp-128 chip and different type of ddr and nand.

> Best Regards
> Huang Shijie
>> Ok, those were my two cents. Your mileages may vary, please give your
>> thoughts,
>> then. I mainly don't want the driver development to get stalled.


>> Regards,
>>    Wolfram
>> [1]
>> [2]
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