UBIFS partition on NOR flash not mountable after power cut test

Anatolij Gustschin agust at denx.de
Tue Nov 30 10:35:41 EST 2010

Hi Norbert,

On Tue, 30 Nov 2010 11:41:14 +0100
Norbert van Bolhuis <nvbolhuis at aimvalley.nl> wrote:

> Did you read the mail discussions
> "UBIFS Corrupt during power failure"
> dated april 2009 from Eric Holmberg.
> He did some great work in making UBIFS on NOR flash
> more reliable for power-cuts.

I have partially read the thread "UBIFS Corrupt during power 
failure", especially the discussion from March, May, June and July
2009 but not the whole discussion from April.

> One of the problems was UBI/UBIFS assumes a (CFI) write
> buffer size of 8 bytes. Maybe this is still the case.
> I think for your NOR flash it is 64 bytes though.

Thanks for the hint!

Yes, I remember Eric saying that he used 8 byte write buffers but
still had some failures. Therefore I didn't try to reduce the write
buffer size up to now. But these problems seem to be fixed meanwhile.

The write buffer size used in the CFI driver is indeed 64 bytes. Now
I'm running the tests with write buffer size reduced to 8 bytes and
it looks much better now. After 295 test cycles I haven't seen the
issue so far.

Thanks again,

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