simple ubi reader

Marek Skuczynski mareksk7 at
Sun Nov 28 08:33:48 EST 2010

> But may be you know some simpler code performing ubi read. It looks to
> me rather complicated to cut out from u-boot, and even from barebox -
> code responsible only for ubi read dropping mtd staff.

Unfortunately, I don't know any simpler implementation of UBI driver.
However, I know that reading of an UBI volume content is not so
difficult to implement.
This should take about 2 days, which may be faster than adapting any
existing implementation.

Good luck,

> Regards,
> Vladimir
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> Hi Vladimir,
>> I need to write bootloader which should read its second stage binary
>> from ubi volume.
>> I wonder if there is some simple open source code I can use to
> implement
>> ubi volume reader?
> I can take a look at these places:
> - U-boot <>
> - Barebox aka U-boot2 <>
> Regards,
>  Marek

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