Suggested patch: reset errno after isatty()

Ketil Froyn ketil at
Thu Nov 18 06:13:36 EST 2010

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 4:50 PM, Ketil Froyn <ketil at> wrote:
> I've done some digging around in the new code, but I haven't worked
> out exactly why the OOB size is set to 0. I haven't figured out
> exactly what it does yet... Or could it have anything to do with my
> build environment?

I rebuilt nanddump from v1.4.1 with my patches using the CodeSourcery
toolchain (I'd been using the AOSP toolchain before). It works fine,
so I guess that rules out problems in my build environment. Here's
what the run looks like:

/ # nanddump-old -f /sdcard/mtd5.dump /dev/mtd/mtd5
ECC failed: 0
ECC corrected: 0
Number of bad blocks: 0
Number of bbt blocks: 0
Block size 131072, page size 2048, OOB size 56
Dumping data starting at 0x00000000 and ending at 0x0a5c0000...
/ #

This particular system appears to use MTD partitioning, maybe
redboot(?) or something like that. I haven't had the opportunity to
delve into how that works yet - could it be that the partitioning
takes 8 bytes of the OOB?

Cheers, Ketil

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