Upcoming merge window and omap NAND patches

Mike Rapoport mike at compulab.co.il
Wed May 5 08:55:20 EDT 2010


Ghorai, Sukumar wrote:
> Tony,
> I understand your comment/input. And I will work on it. 
> All existing omap3 boards are using same old fashion. So let me see how many board I can test before post the patch. I will update this next week.

I'd be glad to test the patches on CM-T35 if you'd like to.

> Regards,
> Ghorai
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>> On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 10:19 AM, Artem Bityutskiy
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>>> On Wed, 2010-05-05 at 00:08 +0200, ext Tony Lindgren wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> There are several omap NAND patches pending, but some basic things
>>>> should be fixed first.
>>>> 1. The NAND driver needs to stop tinkering with the GPMC registers
>>>> The omap General Purpose Memory Controller (GPMC) registers are omap
>>>> specific, and not driver specific. Tinkering with these registers
>>>> can cause issues with the other devices on the GPMC.
>>>> To find out what needs to disappear fomr the NAND driver, just do:
>>>> $ grep baseaddr drivers/mtd/nand/omap2.c
>>>> Any GPMC register tinkering needs to happen in arch/arm/mach-
>> omap2/gpmc.c.
>>>> If there are not currently GPMC functions to do something in gpmc.c,
>> then
>>>> let's add the necessary support there.
>>>> 2. Passing hardcoded GPMC_CS0_BASE needs to go from the board files
>>>> Passing hardcoded GPMC virtual addressess is sure way to mess up
>>>> things. This should all become unnecessary once the NAND drivers
>>>> stops messing with the GPMC registers directly.
>>>> So, as a result, I'm not planning on pushing any omap NAND related
>>>> patches until these basic issues are fixed. I'll mark these patches
>>>> as "Changes requested" in patchwork.kernel.org even if these patches
>>>> don't have anything else wrong with them.
>>>> Let's fix the basic things for good, and put the other patches on
>>>> hold for a while. Sorry if this causes problems!
>>> Hi,
>>> fair enough. I guess Vimal should address this, as he seems to be the TI
>>> mr. NAND, right? :-)
>> Hi All,
>> Sorry again. I am no more with TI and I don't have any board with me
>> too. So, I'm unable to fix these.  :(
>> I hope someone else from TI can take care of it.
>> --
>> Regards,
>> Vimal Singh

Sincerely yours,

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