UBIFS reboots issue

Boaz Ben-David boaz.bd at wellsense-tech.com
Wed Dec 22 13:53:27 EST 2010

Thanks for the quick reply.

About the bad flash part, I am not too sure this is the case.
We can reproduce this on every one of our devices, and also on the development board we used which has another (different part number) 
Samsung chip, also MLC.


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> Ok, got it.
> Here is the ubiattach and mount outputs:

I know we've seen this error... I'm asking someone else here what caused

UnCorrectable RS-ECC Error
UBI error: ubi_io_read: error -74 while reading 516096 bytes from PEB

I thought it was a bad flash part but not sure... I'll get back to you
as soon as he answers.  He works remote today.


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