UBIFS reboots issue

Boaz Ben-David boaz.bd at wellsense-tech.com
Wed Dec 22 09:36:03 EST 2010

Hi all,

We have an embedded system using a Samsung 2GB MLC NAND and are using
UBIFS as the file system on it.
I have a question regarding UBIFS and hard reboots.
After some work with the flash (doing reads and writes to it), some
times one of our partitions would fail to mount.
I suspected this has something to do with a reboot which happens during
a write to the flash.
In order to test this I created a simple script which copies a file from
to the partition, syncs, then deletes it and does this repeatedly until 
a hard reboot occurs (using the watch dog to cause the boot).
This process repeats itself until the partition fails to mount.
When I performed the test mentioned above, after about 3-4 times the
partition would fail.
I am not sure if this behaviour is normal or not.
Did someone encounter similiar behaviour?



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