Please teach UBI

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Fri Dec 10 12:34:55 EST 2010


Because I do not usually use English, unknown sentences might be written.

It is a basic question.
UBI is an array of the initial of "Unsorted block images". Please teach the
meaning of this "Unsorted block images".
Was there a filesystem of "Sorted block images" in the past?
What after the filesystem is different as for not sorting block images?
Where of UBI is unsorted block images?
I do not understand. Please tell me.

There are another and a question.
It is defined that CONFIG_MTD_UBI_WL_THRESHOLD is 4096. It is thought this is to
mean WL is done as difference between a maximum  and a minimum  of the value of
erace counter of PEBs are always in the range of 4096*2(=8192).

Why is it 8192 ?
In a value that is bigger than 8192, isn't it good? Or, isn't it good in a
narrower range?
Isn't there what changed by the character of mtd?
Please teach to me.

My best regards.

tarosa yamamoto
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