ubi_eba_init_scan: cannot reserve enough PEBs

Matthew L. Creech mlcreech at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 11:36:16 EDT 2010

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 6:38 PM, Matthew L. Creech <mlcreech at gmail.com> wrote:
> I applied your patch to 2.6.35 and booted that on the same bad device
> for which I posted a boot log.  But to my surprise, it didn't give any
> errors at all - the boot process completed normally, and it appears to
> be working fine so far.  I had booted the kernel from memory, so I
> pulled the power and let it go through the normal boot process (using
> the 2.6.31 kernel that's built in to the firmware) - that also works
> fine.

Another device had similar UBIFS corruption, so this time we stayed
with 2.6.34 and added the mapping status to that error message.  This
is the output:

UBIFS error (pid 455): ubifs_read_node: bad node type (255 but expected 1)
UBI DBG (pid 455): ubi_is_mapped: test LEB 0:7746
UBIFS error (pid 455): ubifs_read_node: bad node at LEB 7746:110360,
LEB mapping status 0
Not a node, first 24 bytes:
00000000: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
ff ff ff ff                          ........................
Call Trace:
[c7b69bf0] [c0008410] show_stack+0x54/0x134 (unreliable)
[c7b69c30] [c00cfeb8] ubifs_read_node+0x2f0/0x308
[c7b69c60] [c00ef4a8] ubifs_tnc_read_node+0x60/0x188
[c7b69ca0] [c00d34a4] ubifs_tnc_locate+0xd0/0x1d8
[c7b69d00] [c00c5818] do_readpage+0x1d0/0x4b8
[c7b69d50] [c00c7410] ubifs_readpage+0x3ec/0x400
--- Exception: 901 at flush_dcache_icache_page+0x24/0x30
    LR = flush_dcache_icache_page+0x20/0x30
[c7b69db0] [c0048c44] generic_file_aio_read+0x454/0x630 (unreliable)
[c7b69e50] [c00698d4] do_sync_read+0xa4/0xe0
[c7b69ef0] [c0069f5c] vfs_read+0xc4/0x16c
[c7b69f10] [c006a29c] sys_read+0x4c/0x80
[c7b69f40] [c000f40c] ret_from_syscall+0x0/0x38
--- Exception: c01 at 0xfb45b4c
    LR = 0xfb45b34

Is this what was expected?

FYI, this particular device only has corruption on a file that's not
boot-critical, so it continues the boot process somewhat normally.  A
partial log (cut off once it seemed that nothing else useful was
happening) is here, if that's of any use:


It's also worth mentioning that when enabling UBI & UBIFS self checks
on this device, the boot process halts after some errors are detected.
 The pertinent portion is:

UBIFS error (pid 1): scan_check_cb: bad accounting of LEB 31: free 0,
dirty 560 flags 0x0, should be free 129024, dirty 0
(pid 1) start dumping LEB 31
UBIFS DBG (pid 1): ubifs_start_scan: scan LEB 31:0
UBI DBG (pid 1): ubi_leb_read: read 129024 bytes from LEB 0:31:0
UBI DBG (pid 1): ubi_eba_read_leb: read 129024 bytes from offset 0 of
LEB 0:31 (unmapped)
UBIFS DBG (pid 1): ubifs_scan: look at LEB 31:0 (129024 bytes left)
UBIFS DBG (pid 1): ubifs_scan_a_node: hit empty space
UBIFS DBG (pid 1): ubifs_end_scan: stop scanning LEB 31 at offset 0
LEB 31 has 0 nodes ending at 0
(pid 1) finish dumping LEB 31
UBIFS error (pid 1): do_commit: commit failed, error -22
UBIFS warning (pid 1): ubifs_ro_mode: switched to read-only mode, error -22
Call Trace:
[c7827d00] [c0008410] show_stack+0x54/0x134 (unreliable)
[c7827d40] [c00ce774] ubifs_ro_mode+0x60/0x70
[c7827d50] [c00daf40] do_commit+0x5f0/0x5fc
[c7827dd0] [c00eab14] ubifs_rcvry_gc_commit+0x440/0x46c
[c7827e10] [c00cc900] ubifs_get_sb+0xe60/0x1734
[c7827ea0] [c006c794] vfs_kern_mount+0x68/0xf0
[c7827ed0] [c006c85c] do_kern_mount+0x40/0xf0
[c7827f00] [c0080dd8] do_mount+0x634/0x6a0
[c7827f50] [c0080f28] sys_mount+0x90/0xcc
[c7827f80] [c02cdec8] mount_block_root+0x108/0x284
[c7827fd0] [c02ce288] prepare_namespace+0xac/0x1e8
[c7827fe0] [c02cd820] kernel_init+0x144/0x154
[c7827ff0] [c000f230] kernel_thread+0x4c/0x68

I've no idea if this is related or not, but there's a full log of that
run available here:


Please let me know if there are any other tests you'd like run on this
device.  Otherwise, we'll probably try booting 2.6.35 and see what


Matthew L. Creech

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