[BUG] Nand support broken with v2.6.36-rc1

Michael Guntsche mike at it-loops.com
Tue Aug 17 07:36:44 EDT 2010

Hello again,

Answering my own question here. Yes indeed with the new code a driver
change seems to be needed. The badblock pattern used with this nand is no longer
supported with the stock kernel code. I added this to the nand driver

static uint8_t scan_ff_pattern[] = { 0xff, 0xff };
static struct nand_bbt_descr rbppc_nand_smallpage = {
  .options = NAND_BBT_SCAN2NDPAGE,
  .len = 1,
  .pattern = scan_ff_pattern

and the driver is working again. But shouldn't this be supported by the stock level code as well?

Kind regards,
Michael Guntsche

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