buffer write error (status 0x90)

Jon Ringle jon at ringle.org
Mon Aug 9 17:02:16 EDT 2010


We are replacing the discontinued Intel StrataFlash P30 flash
JS28F256P30T95 with the Numonyx P30-65nm flash JS28F256P30TF on our
boards and have a few boards with sample chips. During some testing
one of the boards with the Numonyx flash chip is now reporting the
following buffer write error (status 0x90) on every boot:

[    4.720000] IXP4XX-Flash.0: buffer write error (status 0x90)
[    4.720000] UBI error: nor_erase_prepare: cannot invalidate PEB 62,
write returned -22 read returned 2
[    5.160000] UBI error: erase_worker: failed to erase PEB 62, error -5
[    5.180000] UBI error: erase_worker: bad physical eraseblock 62 detected
[    5.180000] UBI warning: ubi_ro_mode: switch to read-only mode
[    5.200000] UBI error: do_work: work failed with error code -5
[    5.200000] UBI error: ubi_thread: ubi_bgt0d: work failed with error code -5

The chipstatus that is report (0x90) comes from:
		unsigned long chipstatus = MERGESTATUS(status);

But I can't make sense of what 0x90 means.


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