mtdchar : writing image with oob and NOP=1

Matthieu CASTET matthieu.castet at
Wed Aug 4 11:07:48 EDT 2010

Matthieu CASTET a écrit :
> Hi,
> We need to write our bootloader with a special ecc (use by cpu rom).
> For that we use MTD_MODE_RAW, write and MEMWRITEOOB. This work fine, but 
> from my understanding this will do a first page program with oob set to 
> 0xff and then program again oob.
> But some recent nand support only 1 program per page (NOP=1).
> How can we program nand with NOP=1 with a custom ecc ?
>  From what I see in mtdchar either datbuf is set (and oobbuf is null) or 
> oobbuf is set (and datbuf is null).
> So this mean we need to add an ioctl to do that ?
For info here what we did for our 2.6.27 kernel.

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