[MTD-Tests]- issue while inserting modules

Tadimarri Sarath Babu sarath.babu at samsung.com
Thu Sep 17 07:54:04 EDT 2009


Now I am able to run MTD Tests on OneNAND.
MTD Tests by default takes the mtd0 as the device number as per the code.
I disabled the Writable Mask in the 0th partition in my architecture specific file and it started 
I am using the mtd2 partition as the mtd device . So i initialized the "dev" variable in 
mtd_oobtest.c to the respective number and similarly all other test files.
I feel user should be prompted with the mtd device number he wants to run these tests.
Any comments?

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Subject: [MTD-Tests]- issue while inserting modules

> Hi,
> I am testing OneNAND on linux 2.6.31 using mtd-tests. I have built the modules for mtd-tests.
> When i try to insert the mtd-test modules , i am facing the issue. Please find the log below.
> LOG :
> # insmod mtd_oobtest.ko
> Using mtd_oobtest.ko
> =================================================
> mtd_oobtest: MTD device: 0
> mtd_oobtest: MTD device size 131072, eraseblock size 131072, page size 2048, cou
> nt of eraseblocks 1, pages per eraseblock 64, OOB size 64
> mtd_oobtest: scanning for bad eraseblocks
> mtd_oobtest: scanned 1 eraseblocks, 0 are bad
> mtd_oobtest: test 1 of 5
> mtd_oobtest: erasing whole device
> mtd_oobtest: error -30 while erasing EB 0
> mtd_oobtest: error -30 occurred
> =================================================
> insmod: cannot insert `mtd_oobtest.ko': Read-only file system (-1): Read-only fi
> le system
> Regards,
> Sarath.
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