[PATCH] [OneNAND] Standardising prints in onenand_base.c

Amul Kumar Saha amul.saha at samsung.com
Thu Oct 1 07:08:06 EDT 2009

Hi Artem,

> Could you please first send the patch to yourself, then save it, and
> try to apply. And when this works, send it to me.
> This one does not apply either for the same reasons.

I have taken care of all the prints but one.
onenand_base.c: 2160
DEBUG(MTD_DEBUG_LEVEL3, "onenand_erase: start = 0x%012llx, len = %llu\n", (unsigned long long) instr->addr, (unsigned long long) 

Reason: This one is 149 characters long and the patch couldn't be sent, through the mailer.
I am avoiding this one. I hope it's OK.


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