You have won Euro

Mrs. Holt, Dillon S frank.daniels at
Mon May 4 13:01:20 EDT 2009

Euro Mega Millions
Brookmount House,
62-65 Chandos Place,
Covent Garden,
United Kingdom.

Confirmation Reference Number: 78-45-2-12-47-66-4

reply to E-mail to:frank.daniels at

You have won Euro (One million Euro) in the Euro Millions Email Sweepstakes Program Corporation, held on the 30th of April 2009. In London, United Kingdom. Please contact the agency for the claim.

contact person:Mr.Frank Daniels
TEL: +44-703-1907908 Fax: +44-703-195-2966
reply to E-mail to:frank.daniels at

Below are your Winning Information's:
Email Ticket Number 15-21-4-19-27-44
Reference Number: 78-45-2-12-47-66-4
Draw Lucky Number:8-17-10-13-37/*5*7
Batch Number :JKPN44521412
Serial Number: HMML235524453

1. Full Name:
2. Full Address:
3. Occupation:
4. Age/Sex: 
5. Phone Number/ Fax:
6. Country :
Phone Number:

Note: You are to pick one of the options below on how you want your Prize money to be remitted to you.

Option 1.
Bank Transfer

Options 2.

Note, All winning must be claim not later than 30th of June 2009.

Mrs. Holt, Dillon S.
E-mail:frank.daniels at

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