UBI error: vtbl_check: volume table check failed

Shane Volpe shanevolpe at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 12:49:27 EDT 2009

After reading the UBI FAQ I was able to fix all of my UBI/UBIFS
issues.  I had originally read the UBIFS FAQ but had not realized,
until now, that there was also a UBI FAQ.

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 9:47 PM, Shane Volpe <shanevolpe at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm running kernel version 2.6.28 and I have both UBI and UBIFS
> compiled into the kernel.  I'm using an AT91SAM9260 with 512MiB of
> NAND flash.  Here is what I ran to generate my ubifs image:
> mkfs.ubifs -r rootfs -m 2048 -e 129024 -c 2047 -o ubifs.img
> ubinize -o ubi.img -m 2048 -p 128KiB -s 512 ubinize.cfg
> Here is my ubinize.cfg:
> [ubifs]
> mode=ubi
> image=ubifs.img
> vol_id=0
> vol_size=500MiB
> vol_type=dynamic
> vol_name=rootfs
> vol_flags=autoresize
> Here is my Kernel command line:
> mem=32M console=ttyS0,115200 ubi.mtd=1 root=ubi0:rootfs rootfstype=ubifs
> I erased the entire NAND flash and flashed the ubinized UBIFS image to
> address 0x00a00000 which is mtd1.  I then boot my system and received
> the error message(s) below (end of email).  I'm assuming, based on the
> error, that the problem is the ubi driver can not find the header
> information for the ubi partition however I'm not sure what I have
> done wrong as I believe all of the settings were correct.  I would
> appreciate any feedback as to what I might be doing wrong or other
> things I may do to debug this issue.
> Regards,
> Shane
> ---ERROR message during kernel boot:
> Creating 2 MTD partitions on "NAND 512MiB 3,3V 8-bit":
> 0x00000000-0x00a00000 : "Bootloader Area"
> 0x00a00000-0x20000000 : "User Area"
> UBI: attaching mtd1 to ubi0
> UBI: physical eraseblock size:   131072 bytes (128 KiB)
> UBI: logical eraseblock size:    129024 bytes
> UBI: smallest flash I/O unit:    2048
> UBI: sub-page size:              512
> UBI: VID header offset:          512 (aligned 512)
> UBI: data offset:                2048
> UBI error: vtbl_check: volume table check failed: record 0, error 9
> UBI error: ubi_init: cannot attach mtd1
> UBI error: ubi_init: UBI error: cannot initialize UBI, error -22

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