mounting shows lost+found only

Syed Ismail ismail.riyaz at
Wed Mar 25 08:10:41 EDT 2009


I am having problems using yaffs2 on nand chip(2KB page size) on my mx31 ads based board.
I got the yaffs2 from and integrated it with 2.6.22 kernel.

Did flash_eraseall on a nand mtd partition of 2 MB.
1) Then mounted it as yaffs2 in a directory, mnt
ls showed

copied a file into mnt, acceseed,mosidifed file and listed it. Fine
Then unmounted.
Nanddump -p showed data lots of values other than 0xff,meaning data is present.

2)When i mounted same partition again, all i got was lost+found
ls showed

The file i copied before dissapeared.
Also nanddump showed only 0xff values throughout the partition.

Any help appreciated.

P.S. I have successfully used jffs2 on the same board and same chip.

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