DOC2000 flash: Do I miss something?

Ravi Vasarla ravi.vasarla at
Tue Mar 24 12:03:00 EDT 2009


I guess, I'v overlooked the ioctl in given option. Anyway nice to hear that your problem seems to resolve.


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On Dienstag, 24. März 2009, Ravi Vasarla wrote:
> Check the MTD drivers write size, usually pagesize is same as the
> writesize. In nandwrite.c the ioctl will fired only when passed the option
> like -a (autoplace) -n (noecc) passed. I guess it should not give below
> error with -j option. Check with the latest version of mtd-util of
> nandwrite.c file

$ nandwrite -j /dev/mtd1 /root.jffs2 (from

fails in this block (from nandwrite.c):

         * force oob layout for jffs2 or yaffs ?
         * Legacy support
        if (forcejffs2 || forceyaffs) {
                struct nand_oobinfo *oobsel = forcejffs2 ? &jffs2_oobinfo : &yaffs_oobinfo;

                if (autoplace) {
                        fprintf(stderr, "Autoplacement is not possible for legacy -j/-y options\n");
                        goto restoreoob;
                if ((old_oobinfo.useecc == MTD_NANDECC_AUTOPLACE) && !forcelegacy) {
                        fprintf(stderr, "Use -f option to enforce legacy placement on autoplacement enabled mtd device\n");
                        goto restoreoob;
                if (meminfo.oobsize == 8) {
                        if (forceyaffs) {
                                fprintf (stderr, "YAFSS cannot operate on 256 Byte page size");
                                goto restoreoob;
                        /* Adjust number of ecc bytes */
                        jffs2_oobinfo.eccbytes = 3;

                if (ioctl (fd, MEMSETOOBSEL, oobsel) != 0) {  <----- this one fails
                        perror ("MEMSETOOBSEL");
                        goto restoreoob;

Hmm, "Legacy support" sounds more like "do not use in recent implementations
any more".

BTW: Simply erasing, mounting, untar my rootfilesystem into the DOC works without these
CLEANMARKER and ECC error messages.

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