[PATCH 0/2] [MTD]: Extend ABI/utilities for >4GiB device support (take 2)

Kevin Cernekee kpc.mtd at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 01:36:29 EDT 2009

Based on feedback from this list, here is a new patch incorporating the
following changes from last time (kernel side):

Added compat_ioctls for all MTD ABI calls
Fixed erroneous uses of 32-bit masks on 64-bit flash offsets
Fixed incorrect user structure reference
Changed MEMREADOOB64 to store returned length in "length" element
Removed __user hack
Added padding to the end of each new struct
Added padding for 32-bit fields that may need to be widened someday
Added major/minor/patchlevel versions to mtd-abi.h
Added an ioctl to read the kernel's ABI version information

Here are the mtd-utils changes from last time:

Added ioctl wrappers to provide compatibility with the current ABI
Added memset() operations to clear the new reserved fields (W/WR)
Remove libmtd changes.  Not ready to integrate/test this yet.

Outstanding issues:

dwmw2, could you please comment on my sysfs/ioctl proposal here and let
me know if the patch is OK as it stands:



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