Loop back mounted files on UBIFS file system

Gilad Ben-Yossef gilad at codefidence.com
Tue Mar 17 11:57:49 EDT 2009

Hi All,

I am trying to loop back mount a file (which contains a FAT32 file 
system image), which resides on a UBIFS file system.

Command I try:

*# losetup -o 4096 /dev/loop/0 /mnt/ubifs/fat32

Where /nnt/ubifs/ is the mount point of a valid UBIFS file system.

The response I get is:

losetup: /dev/loop/0: No such device or address

Trying a loopback mount from any other file system (such as tmpfs) works.

Trying to do any other activity with the UBIFS file system works as well.

Please note that I am NOT trying to loop back mount a file containing a 
UBIFS file system image and I read the FAQ and understand that this is 
not directly possible, disregarding nandsim. I am trying to do the 
opposite - loopback mount a file residing on an UBIFS file system.

Googling around I've found another post citing what seems like the very 
same behaviour. The answer there was a reference to the above mentioned 
FAQ entry, which I believe is not relevant for the aforementioned reasons.

Kernel version is 2.6.24 with the last back ported UBIFS support. I 
realize that this is an old version and no longer maintained and I'd be 
happy to try the latest and greatest, just wanted to make sure this is 
something that is supposed to work rather then that I am trying to do 
the impossible.

Many thanks,


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