physmap Oops if map_probe failed

Atsushi Nemoto anemo at
Thu Mar 5 19:37:57 EST 2009

On Thu, 5 Mar 2009 17:22:23 +0100, pHilipp Zabel <philipp.zabel at> wrote:
> commit e480814f138cd5d78a8efe397756ba6b6518fdb6 ("[MTD] [MAPS]
> physmap: fix wrong free and del_mtd_{partition,device}") introduces a
> NULL pointer dereference in physmap_flash_remove when called from the
> error path in physmap_flash_probe (if map_probe failed).
> The kernel was compiled with CONFIG_MTD_PARTITIONS=y

Oh yes, I will send a fix ASAP.  Thank you for report.

Atsushi Nemoto

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