nand with jffs2

Syed Ismail ismail.riyaz at
Sun Mar 1 11:35:12 EST 2009

I am having problems using nand flash on my mx31 ads board. I use two 1 gb nand parts. I first want to ensure 1 gb works. File system used is jffs2 on linux 2.6.24.
 If I make a mtd partition that has no bad blocks, I can erase it using flash_eraseall –j and then mount it with –t jffs2 option. If I use this partition for root file system, it works fine, but some jffs2 warnings come up, like crc errors.
If I make a mtd partition that contain bad blocks, when mounting i get a lot of mtd-> read ecc errors, followed by jffs2 messages. It’s like bad blocks are also being read, though when I do nand write, bad blocks get skipped.
The final 5 or 6 blocks always are shown as bad blocks when I do flash_eraseall( I have tried with four different chips). If my mtd partition contains these last 5 blocks, mounting gives input/output error, with messages of "Cowardly refusing to erase blocks on filesystem with no valid JFFS2 nodes ".
One more thing is that, when I mount I get message of “jffs2 not using oob”.
Can anyone help me here? Thanks

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