[PATCH] [mtd] fixed faulty check

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior bigeasy at linutronix.de
Thu Jul 30 10:53:53 EDT 2009

Stoyan Gaydarov wrote:
>>> We have to and of_flash_remove() takes care of it.
> Does this mean that the original patch is fine or does it still need the 
> kfree? From what i understand when going to err_out it will take care of 
> info using of_flash_remove() so then it is not needed in the if check.

The original patch was fine but it leaked info. of_flash_remove() does the
cleanup of info but only if it is part of driver's data (after the
of_flash_remove()). So you have to call dev_set_drvdata(&dev->dev, info)
earlier, after the kzalloc() to save the data or else there is no clean

> -Stoyan


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