what cause :**>> yaffs chunk 38598 was not erased

liu.yaojin at zte.com.cn liu.yaojin at zte.com.cn
Wed Jul 29 22:10:11 EDT 2009

hi charles:

i use ecc soft on mtd ,and not select yaffs's own ecc:

* yaffs2 file system support
-*- 512 byte/ page device
[] use older-style...
[] let yaffs do its ecc
-*- 2048 byte...
[*] autoselect yaffs2 format
[] disable lazy..
[] turn off wide tnodes
[] force chunk erase check
[*] cache short name in RAM

this morning i uncheck "[] turn off wide tnodes "and"[] force chunk erase 
check",but it appears again.
BTW, i write the image through uboot(BECAUSE HAVE NOT NETWORK...).and make 
some change on mkyaffsimage:

static int write_chunk(__u8 *data, __u32 objId, __u32 chunkId, __u32 
        yaffs_Tags t;
        yaffs_Spare s;

        error = write(outFile,data,512);
        if(error < 0) return error;

        memset(&t,0xff,sizeof (yaffs_Tags));
        memset(&s,0xff,sizeof (yaffs_Spare));
        t.chunkId = chunkId;
        t.serialNumber = 0;
        t.byteCountLSB = nBytes;
        t.objectId = objId;

    if (convert_endian)
        return write(outFile,&s,sizeof(yaffs_Spare));
        yaffs_PackedTags1 pt1;  //new yaffs's tag,not yaffs_Spare
        yaffs_ExtendedTags etags;
        __u8 oobdata[16];
        error = write(outFile,data,512);
        if(error < 0) return error;

        //memset(&t,0xff,sizeof (yaffs_Tags));
        //memset(&s,0xff,sizeof (yaffs_Spare));
        //set tag
        etags.chunkId = chunkId;
        etags.serialNumber = 0;
        etags.byteCount = nBytes;
        etags.objectId = objId;
        etags.chunkDeleted = 0; // let pt1->chunkDetected=0
        //yaffs_ExtendedTags changeto yaffs_PackedTags1
        //calc ecc
        ((__u8*)&pt1)[8]  = 0xff;
        //place 8 byte ecc to oob[8]-[15]
        return write(outFile,oobdata,16);
in uboot i write full page data(512 data+16 oob) with the image to the 

Is there some problem?


Charles Manning <manningc2 at actrix.gen.nz> 
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liu.yaojin at zte.com.cn
Re: what cause :**>> yaffs chunk 38598 was not erased

On Wednesday 29 July 2009 21:30:50 liu.yaojin at zte.com.cn wrote:
> hi guys:
> i use lastest yaffs filesystem,kernel is 2.6.24.
> my nand flash controller is a little slow.and when i copy(or ls)
> files(more than 1MB?),the console appears:
> **>> yaffs chunk 38598 was not erased
> **>> yaffs write required 2 attempts
> page 38598 in gc has no object: 0 0 0
> and etc...
> so why this happens continually ?

You're probably better off asking yaffs questions on the yaffs list: 

This is happening because your spare area management is not correct and 
tags are being messed up. Thiis causes yaffs to think that a page of flash 
empty, but it is not.

-- Charles

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