[PATCH V5 2/2] mtd: nand: Calculate better default ecc layout

Troy Kisky troy.kisky at boundarydevices.com
Thu Jul 23 15:14:11 EDT 2009

Troy Kisky wrote:
> Have nand_base calculate a good ecc layout
> default. A benefit of this is allowing
> a software ecc other than 3 bytes long. For example,
> 4 bit software ecc correction.
> This patch should be safe because it adds new
> routines to be used. As board maintainers verify
> that the new routines work for them, they should
> send in a patch changing
>    nand_scan -> nand_scan_finish
>    nand_scan_tail -> nand_scan_finish_tail

Maybe nand_probe_common, and nand_probe_common_tail are better names ?

> This patch will also add all oob bytes that
> are not reserved for ecc or bad block markers
> to the end of the free list. I don't think this
> can cause problems, but I would like an authority
> to say, "Yes, it's safe."

What do you think of leaving nand_base totally alone
and add a file nand_probe.h which contain the new
routines marked as inline, or mark it __devinit or
__init ? I don't think anyone but probe calls these

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