UBI FS mounting time

Corentin Chary corentin.chary at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 03:12:08 EDT 2009

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 8:44 AM, Adrian Hunter<adrian.hunter at nokia.com> wrote:
> Bosi Daniele wrote:
>> We have a UBI+UBIFS 1GB partition on a NAND chip, which takes around 6s to
>> mount.
>> We'd like to have the data available at least read-only earlier than that.
>> We know UBI on principle needs to read the map of all blocks in order to
>> rebuild the logical view of the memory, but maybe there's another way around
>> it to make it available earlier...
>> Someone know how?
> Some options are:
> a) Use another smaller partition that can mount first and provide some
> functionality while the larger partition mounts.
> b) Reduce the number of eraseblocks by combining them into larger logical
> blocks.
> c) Change UBI to write its mapping table when it is unloaded, so it can be
> read quickly when loading (still have to scan if UBI was not unloaded
> cleanly).

Do you know if someone is trying to implement that ?
I did some test, and using lzo/zlib it should be possible to store
such a mapping
store in only one PEB.
Then we can choose this PEB to be near the beginning of the
flash to speed up scanning (using ec and pnum to calculate a "score").
This is also possible to use an "anchor".

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