[PATCH 02/06] Fix compilation warning for fs/ubifs/commit.c

Stefan Richter stefanr at s5r6.in-berlin.de
Thu Jul 16 07:57:36 EDT 2009

Stefan Richter wrote:
> So, is uninitialized_var() a good fix here?  I'd say it's not a 
> particular good one.  Count the lines of code of dbg_check_old_index() 
> and the maximum indentation level of it.  Then remember the teachings of 
> CodingStyle. :-)  See?  dbg_check_old_index() clearly isn't a prime 
> example of best kernel coding practice.  /Perhaps/ a little bit of 
> refactoring would make it easier to read, and as a bonus side effect, 
> make it unnecessary to use the slightly dangerous and 
> uninitialized_var() macro here.

On the other hand, it is debug code.  Is it bound to stay in there 
forever?  If not, then it's surely not worth the developer time to 
beautify it.
Stefan Richter
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