NAND write from a initial RAm disk boot.

alfred steele alfred.jaquez at
Wed Jul 8 13:02:16 EDT 2009

Hi All,
I am trying to run  the NAND write utility on a board booted up on an
initial RAM disk (16 M is the ramdisk size)from a MMC card. What i
intend to do is replace the jffs2 image already residing on a mtd
partition with a new one. From the shell, invoke nand write for
replacing the  kernel image and it goes fine. But the rootfs NAND
write gets stuck forever after doing a few block writes. See below for

I use  the following commands to  try replae the respective paritions
for the kernel and the rootfs.

flash_eraseall -j /dev/mtd2
nandwrite -a -p /dev/mtd2 /mnt/mmc/rootfs.jffs2
Writing data to block 580000
Writing data to block 5a0000
....Gets stuck there FOREVER.

I am not sure why it hangs on that particular BLOCK insite of it being
not a BAD block. Could it be that its not finding enough memory to
buffer the block. I havent dug up nandwrite code yet so i do not know
how it actually works.

Can anybody help explain what could be the cause?


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