cannot access NAND STL partition

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Hi Iram,

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Subject: cannot access NAND STL partition

> Hi
> I am having the following problem related to reading data
> from NAND. Any hints will be highly appreciated.
> Problem in short:
> -------------------
> I can read some partitions but cannot read other ones.
> Problem in long:
> -------------------
> I need to access my rootfs from Linux. The rootfs is 
> located
> in NAND. If I write the rootfs in the NAND using u-boot or
> Linux itself, then I can read the rootfs from Linux 
> without
> problem.
> But the flash has to be programmed using a special flash
> writer. While doing this the flash is divided into several
> partitions, some partitions are STL and the others are 
> BML.
> Now I find that u-boot/Linux can read BML partitions 
> correctly
> but cannot read STL partitions. Reading STL partition 
> gives
> unexpected data.
STL and BML are device interface for block device, BML 
interface is used for rootfs
mout and u can use bmldump/bmlrestore utility for chip 
how You are trying to read STL partition,Please tell me,

> For test, I am able to place my rootfs in the BML 
> partition
> in which case everything works fine. But finally I have to
> place the rootfs in STL partition.
You donot need to place rootfs for STL partiton becasuse BML 
inetrface is enough for rootfs,
STL inetrafce is used for RFS File system mounting.
> Do you have any idea how can Linux read data from STL 
> partition?
> I guess I need some kind of translation layer on top of my
> low level NAND driver but am not sure about that.
> Currently I am using the following components.
>    drivers/mtd/cmdlinepart + drivers/mtd/onenand
When you have xsr donot use  mtd. because if you want to use 
mtd u need to format to do seaprate init .
> Is FTL/NFTL used for this purpose?
In mtd we are not using FTL/NFTL. you can use directly.
> Best regards
> Iram


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