flash section set to 0x0 on jffs2 filesystem

Teun Grinwis teun at adesys.nl
Thu Aug 13 03:13:35 EDT 2009

I use Freescale Coldfire M5208, uClinux  2.6.21, jffs2 file system.
Flash chip: spansion S29GL064A

We store an executable (z-flat) on this file system. After a certain time of successful usage, the exec
will not startup anymore and uclinux comes with following error

INFMT_FLAT: reloc outside program 0x6c006800 (0 - 0x54fa14/0x4b0b40), killing OIP-1.2.4!
OIP-1.2.4[62] killed because of sig - 11

We upload the exec, and did a hex diff with the original bin file. Discovered that a region (section) in the faulty exec. file has changed to the value 0x00.

My concern, is this an error in the Flash chip or jffs2 file system??

Are there tools/howto to check a jffs2 partition.

Suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance for your info.


Met vriendelijke groeten / With kind regards,

Teun Grinwis

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