Problem with Hynix HY27UF081G2A 1Gb NAND flash?

Enrico Scholz enrico.scholz at
Fri Sep 19 11:28:04 EDT 2008

Ricard Wanderlof <ricard.wanderlof at> writes:

> I'm testing the above mentioned NAND flash chip in a design
> which has previously used the corresponding 1Gb parts from
> Samsung and Numonyx (ST) without problems. However, with the
> Hynix chip, mtd won't even read the ID code, it's just as if
> the chip wasn't there (it fails with

Some Hynix NAND chips seem to have problems with bus arbitration;
e.g. they continue to shift out data when chipselect is
deasserted during a operation (e.g. because ethernet controller
was accessed in this time).  We saw this with HY27UG088G5M on
PXA320 and read-page operations.


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