Problem with Hynix HY27UF081G2A 1Gb NAND flash?

Ricard Wanderlof ricard.wanderlof at
Fri Sep 19 08:18:24 EDT 2008

I'm testing the above mentioned NAND flash chip in a design which has 
previously used the corresponding 1Gb parts from Samsung and Numonyx (ST) 
without problems. However, with the Hynix chip, mtd won't even read the ID 
code, it's just as if the chip wasn't there (it fails with

nand_get_flash_type: second ID read did not match 01,ec against ec,7a .

Before deciding on a course of action, I was wondering if anyone else has 
had a similar problem. I've skimmed through the data sheet and cannot find 
anything that is obviously different (save for the manufacturer's ID code 
which is expected of course).

Kernel version is 2.6.26.

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