JFFS2 root file system corruption

Ensar Gul ensar.gul at multitekarge.com
Fri Sep 12 05:44:00 EDT 2008

we were using JFFS2 on kernel 2.6.11 and and JFFS2 root fs corrupts 
rarely. ST NAND flash: 128MiB   with 2KiB page size, erase block size: 
128KiB is used. U-Boot version: 1.1.6

I dumped corrupted jfss2 partition and found out that 3 blocks are 
filled with FF. I can boot the system via nfs and then mount this 
partition and list the files on it.However, when I give this root fs to 
the kernel, it does not boot.

we observed that this problem occurs when  the linux hangs up  and the 
the device is reset. most of the time it boots but in very rare 
cases,due to the root fs corruption, it  does not boot.

if I erase whole partition and re-write jffs2 root fs again then the 
device boots.

any comments?



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