[PATCH 00/10] AXFS: Advanced XIP filesystem

Jörn Engel joern at logfs.org
Tue Sep 2 13:15:01 EDT 2008

On Tue, 2 September 2008 09:44:19 -0700, Jared Hulbert wrote:
> How is one expected to read those last 4 bytes of a loopbacked file?
> Are they unreadable?  We can add the padding.   I am just wondering if
> this is a bug or a known limitation in the loopback handling or if
> there is a different safer way of reading block devs with truncated
> last blocks.

Can't you just include the final magic into the last block, thereby
making the size a clean multiple of 4k?  It looks as if you have some
padding before the magic anyway.  So you just have to make sure the
padding is at least 4 bytes and write the magic to the end of it.  Apart
from solving this bug, it should also save you some space. ;)


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