OOB questions

Curt Scott curt_scott at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 6 14:41:02 EDT 2008


I am writing a MTD NAND (2K page) driver module for Linux 2.6.23. 
My NAND hardware controller performs all the ECC control
under-the-hood.  Although is has OOB bytes available there are some

L1.) Page data and OOB data must be written at the same time.
L2.) OOB data is limited to 16 bytes / page (of a 2k page).

I have some questions about the OOB requirements for MTD/JFFS2 combo.

Q1.) Does MTD/JFFS2 require the ability to read/write OOB bytes?  
     Or can the system be set up operate with no OOB available?
Q2.) Is it a requirement for OOB and non-OOB writes to happen independently?

thank you for you help,

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