[PATCH/mtd-utils] Separate '-m' and the mode with a space when invoking 'install'

Enrico Scholz enrico.scholz at sigma-chemnitz.de
Thu Nov 27 04:55:35 EST 2008

"Mike Frysinger" <vapier.adi at gmail.com> writes:

>> Some 'install' versions (e.g. this of OpenEmbedded) require
>> the mode to be a separate argument and don't understand the
>> '-m0755' syntax:
> then why dont you fix the `install` that comes with OE

Why do you think that this 'install' needs to be fixed?  Although
'install' is not SUSv3, this standard states:

 12.2 Utility Syntax Guidelines
    Each option and option-argument should be a separate argument,
    except as noted in Utility Argument Syntax , item (2).

When the patch would be more complicated I would agree to assume
the GNU implementation of 'install' but as it is really trivial
to add a single space, the common compatibility rules should be

> rather than spuriously patching random build systems out there
> ?

At least 'autoconf' and 'imake' handle it correctly:

| #define InstBinFlags -m 0755


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