Query on UBIFS usage

Artem Bityutskiy dedekind at infradead.org
Fri Nov 21 04:44:18 EST 2008

On Thu, 2008-11-20 at 23:51 +0530, Ankur Maheshwari wrote:
> 1. I read in UBIFS FAQ that it can not be used as NFS file system. I
> am bit confuse with the statement.

You cannot export UBIFS via NFS so far, because we did not implement
NFS support inside UBIFS. In other words, UBIFS cannot be NFS server's
backing FS. But we are planning to implement this, we just do not have
time and do not need this.

> Is it possible that I use UBIFS on one of Flash partition and at the
> same time do NFS (root fs mount as NFS) boot. Is there any issue with
> it.

No, in this case you mount some other file system via NFS, co you are an
NFS client. It should be fine.

> 2. Can I use UBIFS with other Flash filesystem (like SquashFS-read
> only) on other partition of same flash.

Of course.

> 3. What will be better, keep using SquashFS(RO) or switch to UBIFS.

Everything depends on your needs/requirements/etc.

Best regards,
Artem Bityutskiy (Битюцкий Артём)

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