cfi_probe geometry problem

David H. Lynch Jr. dhlii at
Thu Nov 20 12:02:23 EST 2008

    I am having difficulty getting cfi_probe working for the flash in my

    I am trying to complete a map driver for Spansion S29GL512N NOR
flash in Pico cards.
    The flash shared between two CPU's so a mapping driver is required
to enable and disable it.

    I have most of the driver code working and after setting up data
structures in probe I can issue a QRY as

    d.x[0] = 0xf0;
    (map->write) (map, d, 0);
    d.x[0] = 0xff;
    (map->write) (map, d, 0);
    d.x[0] = 0x98;
    (map->write) (map, d, 0x55);
    pico_flash_copy_from(map, &buf, 0 , 64);
    if(buf[0x20] != 'Q' && buf[0x22] != 'R' && buf[0x24] != 'Y')
        DBG("Flash Error QRY failed\n");
        DBG("Flash QRY %d\n");

    However cfi_probe fails. this seems to be some type of geometry
issue. When I watch CFI probe it either sends the query request to the
wrong addresses, or it checks the wrong addresses for the results.

    A clue would be appreciated.


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