[ANNOUNCE] [PATCH] [MTD] Flex-OneNAND MTD Driver available.

Adrian Hunter ext-adrian.hunter at nokia.com
Tue Nov 11 02:28:10 EST 2008

Amit Kumar Sharma wrote:
> we will share iozone result on flexOneNand but during 
> testing of  FlexOneNand on kernel 2.6.22 performance results 
> are far better then 2.6.27 still we donot know the reasons.
> we checked performance for OneNand on same kernel veriosn 
> but OneNand also has down performance with 2.6.27 kernel 
> version.still a question for us?

There have been performance regressions in the kernel since
2.6.22 related to the scheduler among other things.  2.6.28
should be better.

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