flash read performance

Jamie Lokier jamie at shareable.org
Tue Nov 4 06:42:29 EST 2008

Andre Puschmann wrote:
> Hi,
> I spent some more time on this issue and investigated some mtd-maps
> drivers.
> The kernel I am using is a 2.6.21 that comes out of the gumstix 
> svn-repo. Unfortunately, it uses a legacy driver which only does a
> ioremap() but no ioremap_nocache(). Patching the driver with this
> additional call boosts up transfers up to around 5.5MB/s, which
> is a fairly improvement.
> I will send a patch to the gumstix list. Users of newer kernel might
> not need this, as they use a newer driver (pxa2xx-flash.c) anyway.

I don't know much about this area, but will _writing_ to the flash
work reliably if ioremap_cached() is used?

-- Jamie

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