mkfs.ubifs, ubinize, ubiupdatevol request!

Nancy nancydreaming at
Fri May 30 02:41:11 EDT 2008

On 5/30/08, Artem Bityutskiy <dedekind at> wrote:
> Actually what we could do is to create a simple program which would dump
> whole _MTD_ device, and basically drop unmapped physical eraseblocks.
> This is just easier to do. Something like this:
> fd = open(/dev/mtdX);
> for (each physical eraseblock) {
>        read(fd, buf, peb_size);
>        /* Check if PEB is not mapped by checking that there is not VID
>           header */
>        if (vid_header_is_not_present())
>                /* This PEB is unmapped, it is safe to drop it and
>                   switch to the next PEB */
>                continue;
>        /* Write data to the output file */
>        write(output_file_descriptor, buf, peb_size);
> }
> Afterward, you will be able to just flash the resulting dump with
> "ubiformat".
> But of course, you will dump all volumes this way, not just one. Does
> this work for you?
That's a greate idea to create UBI image for Nand burning, but I also
have to support the volume update functions. Cause products update is
used more ofen than Nand burning.

So I have no choices but write a tool to reformate ubifs.img(generated
by mkfs.ubifs), fix ubinize, ubiupdatevol.

> This should be easy to write this tool. I could do this but I am very
> busy at the moment and basically have not time, may be later.
It's OK. I'm so happy to get your reply. That mean you have already
forgive me.  Thank you!  * ^_^ *

Best wishes,

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