Support of removable MTD devices and other advanced features (follow-up from lkml)

Jamie Lokier jamie at
Sun May 25 09:30:29 EDT 2008

Jörn Engel wrote:
> > Memorystick cards can be written page at a time, but only in progressive
> > fashion - only if all pages at lower offsets to the current page were written
> > before. This can be made to work as a useful optimization.
> The same limitation is true for some raw NAND chips as well.  Afaik all
> of current MTD honors that limitation.

That seems like it would cause uneven wear-levelling in some
situations.  Specifically, each time you need to erase a block which
has not been completely written, because you need to write a
contiguous record larger than the remaining space.

I don't know it was a physical requirement of some chips, thanks for

-- Jamie

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