[BUG] crash - module l440gx buggy ? interfere

Roland devzero at web.de
Sat May 10 13:31:40 EDT 2008

it`s the 3rd time now that i stumbled over this, and i`m 100% sure now that 
there is an issue l440gx module/driver.

cause it`s constantly bugging me when module testing and always need to 
remember to exclude that module, i created bugzilla #10664 for this:

as you can see that there are bugs in the kernel (important or not) for 
which nobody really cares ;)
ok, not a big deal here, but it`s a bug!

i`d like to encourage everyone to file a bugzilla  - this helps avoiding 
loss of non-serious bugs in lkml deepness (i`m sure there are a LOT!)


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> same/similar behaviour with
> l440gx and container
> l440gx and acpiphp
> after load of l440gx, container and acpiphp modules do also hang my system 
> on load/unload.
> maybe l440gx leaving the system in some weird state after probe ?
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>> Betreff: [BUG] crash - modules l440gx and parport_pc interfere
>> there seems some weird interference between l440gx and parport_pc modules
>> i can reproduceable crash my box by either:
>> modprobe parport_pc;modprobe l440gx;rmmod parport_pc
>> or
>> modprobe l440gx; modprobe parport_pc;rmmod parport_pc
>> this happens on 2.6.24rc6 and also older kernel (2.6.22)
>> nothing in dmesg - just
>> >JEDEC: Found no L440GX BIOS device at location zero
>> >JEDEC probe on BIOS chip failed. Using ROM
>> because i haven`t appropriate hardware.
>> don`t know if this is a bug in parport_pc or l440gx but maybe its worth 
>> reporting.
>> regards
>> roland 

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