Binary Nandwrite/read to Flash

Matthieu CASTET matthieu.castet at
Thu Mar 13 10:27:57 EDT 2008

Ricard Wanderlof wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Mar 2008, Manuel Sahm wrote:
>> Hello,
>> is it possible to write directly to nandflash, or to store a file in 
>> nand flash ?
> Yes, use the mtdtools applications nandwrite and nanddump in order to skip 
> bad blocks during read and write. You'll need the pad option to nandwrite 
> in order to fill out to an even multiple of the page size.
> If you're writing a file, it really is raw byte by byte, with no 
> indication of file size, access times etc, so to the extent you need that 
> info you'll have to store it explicitly.
And if bits flip appear you've got a problem : you need to rewrite the file.


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