MTD - NAND (Micron MT29F16G08)

Ken Chan ken8804 at
Wed Feb 20 09:07:03 EST 2008

I am trying to get my NAND Flash (Micron MT29F16G08 -- 2 GBytes NAND) going.
Based on the data sheet, the page size is 4KB, the Spare area size (i.e.
OOB) is 218 Bytes, the Block size is 512KB.
I am using Linux Kernel 2.6.16 and it does not support this NAND Flash
because of the OOB is 218 Bytes.
I checked the Linux Kernel (2.6.24) and same thing applied.

Here are my questions:
1) How can I build a data structure "struct nand_oobinfo nand_oob_218"?
What shall I put for those eccpos[]?
2) If I don't want to create that new data structure, what is the
alternative method to bring up that NAND Flash?
3) Do anyone have similar problem using that kind of NAND Flash?


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