ubi-utils: Moving mkpfi, pfiflash, ... to old-tools

Thomas Gleixner tglx at linutronix.de
Mon Feb 18 11:01:28 EST 2008

On Mon, 18 Feb 2008, Frank Haverkamp wrote:

> Hi Artem,
> I saw that you moved the old ubi-toolchain to the old-tools directory
> with the comment "sort-me-out" in your git-commits.
> We need the tool-chain to generate PFI files for the code-update
> process. Those pfi-files are suited to be used in streaming mode
> together with the pfiflash utility. We use the for NOR and NAND flash
> system the same pfi. Therefor the pfi format does not contain flash
> geometry information e.g. vid-hdr-offset, erase-block size.
> I, and maybe some others on the CC list, would like to see those tools
> moved from the "sort-me-out" section again into the ubi-tools directory.
> Please let us know, what you think, needs to be done to get this done.

I really do not understand why this move was done anyway. We can move
stuff into retirement when we have a full replacement there.

Just shuffling functional tools around is useless and makes the life
of developers, users and package maintainers harder for no good

I did not update for some time, but did now and noticed that my
packaging scripts need a real overhaul for no benefit.

Yours grumpy,


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